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bring your brand to life

Great design creates a strong identity for your business and builds meaningful connections with your audience.


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Driven by design

With over nine years of design experience and a full range of projects under my belt, your vision is in safe hands. I partner with small businesses new and old to craft composition, type, colour, graphics and illustration to create meaningful connections between brand and audience. I’m Simeen Douglas, and I’d love to help your business thrive.



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Do it once and do it right - your business deserves it.

We all have great ideas; design helps bring those ideas to life. I explore a creative vision with my clients and then, through careful design, create something with the presence and impact the brand deserves.

You’re already creating incredible high-quality experiences for your audience, and it’s this connection and belief in what you do that keeps them coming back. Your brand needs to reflect that same experience so that when someone sees your logo, picks up your flyer or visits your website; they get a taste of things to come. Design requires the know-how, experience and care to get it right the first time. So take that next step, invest in your business and get in touch today.



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We’ll create it by working together

Even if you’re not sure where to begin, we can work it out together. The first step is to find out about your needs and ideas, so I’ll send you a quick questionnaire and follow up with either a call or a coffee chat. I’ll then put together a proposal for us to agree on before the work begins. There is always time to reflect and provide feedback throughout the design process, and then, when we’re both excited about the outcome, we can get to the best bit - sharing it with your audience.